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A big challenge

By September 9, 2020News
return to office

Companies in the world are returning to the offices. Time to be PREVENTIC.

September 9th, 2020.

By: Nicolas Ricaurte.

Slowly the offices in the world have started to have a life again with the return of workers to their job places. It demands a big challenge for companies that must care for their workers because the virus has not disappeared.

Most of the countries are starting with the reactivation of their economies. An important piece of this plans to regain economic stability is to return to the offices, that many workers around the world come back to the office. However, Covid – 19 has not gone, the pandemic is still a threat to health.

Nowadays, companies are living a new reality, where is a big challenge to achieve the perfect organization to avoid crowds of people, have known of the health and psychological condition of the workers. Adjust shifts, take the temperature, keep the social distances, among other measures to prevent mass contagion.

Nevertheless, it is important to say that productivity and wellness and health must be in balance, is also essential that people in the world do not continue to lose their jobs and that companies again have a production according to the needs of society. For this reason, Identidad Technologies has launched a technological solution that will actively help companies to return to offices safely.

Preventic, how was named this tool, is an efficient platform which provides information about the health and symptoms of workers, who can go to the office and who should stay at home to prevent contagions, who needs medical or psychological assistance, It is a solution 100% digital, touchless, that offer information in real-time. For Identidad Technologies your future, and now also your present is our commitment.