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A Forced Digital Transformation

By July 30, 2020News

Is it permanent?

July 24th, 2020

By: Nicolas Ricaurte – Review: Sophia Merced (Identidad Technologies Team members)

A couple of years ago many companies around the world started to implement the home office, most of these are technological companies, where workers of these industry have adopted a new corporative culture with a new way to work. Nowadays, offices are not the only places to work, and with the global situation of COVID-19, many different companies have implemented working from home.

COVID-19 have forced the world to take unprecedented preventive measures. Among these is social distancing. This can be seen particularly in places where more than 10 people come together in an indoor setting. Consequently, many companies around the world have adopted the home office as the new normality and the new way to work to solve problems of productivity without putting their employees’ health at risk.

Some people in technological industries estimate that more than 50% of companies around the world will maintain work plans that include working from home after quarantine. Evidently, it is probably that solutions that has caused demand for telecommunications and software related to that industry to grow 43%.

IDENTIDAD TECHNOLOGIES, not only understands and has been utilizing home offices for some time, but also makes its products and services available to assist other companies in this digital transformation. This is done through products that allow companies to regularly check on the health and wellness of their employees through strong, efficient, and effective communication channels. Not only can this be done between companies and employees, but also with customers and their partners.

Some businesses have had to speed up their digital transformation and use technology as the primary tool to protect their economy and their human resources. In IDENTIDAD TECHNOLOGIES adversities make us stronger and we empower our partners and help them achieve growth. We are ready and willing to contribute in this forced, but necessary, digital transformation.