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An artificial intelligence “conquering the world”

By December 1, 2020News

Chatbots, a new companion for everyday life.

December 1st, 2020.

By: Nicolas Ricaurte.

During the pandemic, these virtual assistants have had significant growth. Every day, more companies in the world are starting to use Chatbots.

Until 2019, some companies had Chatbots to provide customer service, they used to be the first contact with their clients or to solve the FAQs. Nowadays, and with all the situation because of COVID-19, Chatbots have improved their technology and those which are behind them have enriched them, to the point of providing full attention to users.

Identidad Technologies offer this product and makes it part of their digital solutions as PREVENTIC.CO. These chatbots are the next step in customer service, with customizable options and functions, quality, fast response, efficiency, and effectiveness. This artificial intelligence is making the life of companies and users easier, they can conclude your inquiries or requirements without human support. But in case of need of assistance of a person, the Chatbot can redirect to the right customer service agent.

In the Pandemic, principally nations and local governments in the world, the health sector, retail business, the banking industry, and some other industries and companies, have strengthened the relationship with their users and clients and have provided a more personalized, organized, and effective service. Chatbots have even achieved to give peace of mind to people in the middle of an emergency because of Covid-19.

Since March of 2020, The World Health Organization launched a Chatbot with information about the virus and suggested measures to face the pandemic.

According to (Nov 10, 2020), for 2025 the market of this technology will be valued at around USD 102,29 Million. Considering that 2019 was valued at USD 17,17 million, it means that this kind of solution will be part of our everyday life and even will be one more of our workmates.

What are you waiting for the next step in customer service for your company?