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Best Employees 2021

By March 9, 2022Events, News

How to Excel at Work: Tips from our Super Team!

With 20+ years’ experience, Identidad Technology has grown to be a global community with teams in 4 continents and presence in 8 countries.  We pride ourselves in having the most talented employees and as evidence, to date, around 60% of our staff has been promoted within the company. Every year a traditional “Best Employee” celebration takes place; with time the decision has become more and more challenging. 2021 wasn’t the exception.

This year Identidad Technologies awarded outstanding employees in productivity, innovation, quality-centric deliveries, passion for work and familiarity, a special recognition awarded to the person that makes colleagues and teammates feel at home.


Damir Plemeniti

Winner: Most Productive

Account Manager
Sjenjak, Croatia

What do you do on a day-to-day basis to ensure that you keep your productivity level at your peak?

To ensure productivity , I like to start my day with easy exercise. It takes around half an hour and it is mostly stretching, something like yoga. After that, I have breakfast with slowly releasing energy carbs (oats), proteins and fruit. Of course, after that comes a cup of coffee. All these ingredients help me to stay concentrated for a long period of time.

Is there anything in your routine that you think helps you optimize your work?

Whenever I am starting a task, I always like to check each step of the task and see what the possible outcome could be, it often happens that we do unnecessary work, or we repeat the same job twice. Keep in mind that sometimes there can be an easier way to finish a task.

Are there any work methods that you use and if so, what are they?

Often, we hear that we need to think “outside of the box”, which can produce more efficient and productive ideas. My advice is that on a weekly basis we need to take time for ourselves to think “outside of the box”, because we are all too occupied with daily tasks. I try to create time for myself to allow good ideas to come. Good ideas will hardly come if you don’t give yourself time for it.

Can you name 3 key habits to become more productive at work?

1. Organization – At the end of the day I always write down things I have to do the next day. 

2. Prioritize – not all tasks are equally important, so it is important to prioritize them well. I always like to start a day by dealing with the hardest one as my concentration is at its peak. 

3. Motivation – we are most productive when we are motivated. Set for yourself daily/weekly/monthly goals which will motivate you and keep an eye on their progress. Sometimes even small victories can boost our self-esteem and have long-term positive effects.


Juan Pablo Leguizamón

Winner: Most passionate in the workplace

Voice Quality Assurance Engineer Sr.
Bogotá, Colombia

What do you do to stay tuned and feel passionate about what you do?

I avoid routines. I’m always looking for alternative methods to make repetitive work more efficient; operative work can always be automatized and simplified. I feel passionate about this, and I know it is something that is important for the company and for ourselves. Being in tune with your job requires organization, that is why I jot down all the tasks I need to do on a note pad.

What do you think is important to always feel passionate about your job?

Attitude and habits. I try to exercise every day to feel good about myself and to stay focused on my goals; it reminds me that I am doing the best I can. I also try to simulate the sensations I get when I accomplish a goal, this is something that helps me feel motivated all the time.

Can you name 3 habits to become more passionate for what we do?

1.     Make sure to contribute to a good working environment. Being empathetic with others helps us be assertive and establish good relationships with others.

2.     Organization skills: They are important to become proactive and will prevent you from reaching high stress levels.

3.     Continuous feedback: Ask your colleagues how we can improve as a team; doing this allows me to achieve personal transformation and become a better person.


Andrés Chávez

Winner: Most Innovative

Full Stack Developer
Bogotá, Colombia

What do you do to be continuously innovative at your job?

I constantly revise our software developments and ask myself if they are done the best way possible, with the technologies we have at hand, these constant questions lead me to look for new technologies and tools that we can adapt to always improve our developments and products.

Do you have any habits that might help you bring new and innovative ideas to work?

Each day I take 30 minutes to exclusively read and watch videos about the latest technologies and other topics related to software development; I do this to make sure that we are using the latest technologies within our own developments.

Are there any work methods that you use and if so, what are they?

1. Read about different topics. 

2. Ask yourself if what you are doing at work could be optimized.

3. Create open dialogue spaces with multidisciplinary teams and discuss the innovations you want in your developments.


Natalia Ochoa

Winner: Familiarity in the workplace

Account Manager
 Miami, United States

How do you promote a good working environment?

Having a great attitude! It is essential for me to build relationships with trust and honesty. I like to be thoughtful and understanding. As Desmond Tutu said, “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”.

What are the key things to keep in mind to contribute to a harmonious workspace?

I think it is crucial to respect everyone and to be receptive and empathetic with others. I find it important to create and connect with a place where the pillar is harmony, I believe that with this joy comes naturally.

Can you name 3 key habits to adopt to create a better working environment?

1. Have a good attitude

2.  Listen

3.  Be friendly 


Jhohan Riscanevo

Winner: Quality-centric

Product Manager
Bogotá, Colombia

What do you do to make sure you deliver the best work possible?

The first thing I keep in mind is organization, I take into consideration all the work I have for the day and prioritize according to what I feel is more relevant. As I execute my work I focus on the small details, I believe they can mark the difference. Lastly, I revise and evaluate my work; I look at my checklist and see if I have completed my daily goals, I make sure to have a good attitude when new things come up.

Do you have any habits that help you be more detailed-oriented and deliver great quality work?

The first thing I do is create a comfortable working space. I then create a checklist of tasks to be accomplished. I like to think of alternative methods that can help me find the best solutions for the issues I have to tackle.

Can you name 3 key habits to adopt to become more quality-centric at work?

1. Attitude

2. Discipline

3. Have a great disposition


Pablo Rueda

Winner: Quality-centric

Business Intelligence Managed Services
Bogotá, Colombia

What do you do to make sure you deliver the best work possible?

The first thing I do is make sure I understand my task thoroughly, I do this even if I must ask 20 times! From there on, I always stick to my own quality standards, I do my best at everything I deliver.

Do you have any habits that help you be more detailed-oriented and deliver great quality work?

Above everything, check, check, check! I make sure that what I deliver makes sense. When I first started this job, it was challenging to understand what I was doing, so I took it upon myself to be very observant of what my co-workers where doing so I could grasp the whole scope of the processes. This helped me be very clear of what was expected of me and helped me assure that what I delivered was exactly what I had to turn in.

Can you name 3 key habits to adopt to become more quality-centric at work?

1. Avoid laziness. 

2. Teamwork.

3. Give it your all and always strive to become better at what you do.

Identidad Technologies is a great place to work, there is a sense of comradery, a great working atmosphere and many perks. If you are looking for a job, make sure to follow us on ➜Linkedin to learn more about our job postings and opportunities.