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Effective Communications for Maximizing Client Profitability

By April 16, 2019News

Companies that supply products and services have a clear goal: meeting or exceeding their clients’ expectations and turning them into loyal customers.   When it comes to communicating with these clients, emails, text messages and phone calls aren’t enough.  Today’s companies can explore other effective channels with measurable results.


Identidad Technologies contributes to this process by making the flow of information more effective, reflected in user satisfaction.  We guarantee our commitment and connection to consumers around the world by offering the highest quality standards, speed and confidentiality.


One way we do this is by taking concrete steps to improve the internal communications process, allowing clients to optimize their time and productivity.  According to a recent Nielsen study, text messages are the most commonly used data service around the world, presenting a tremendous opportunity for brand communications.


The Mobile Behaviour Report has found that 96% of people who receive an SMS actually read the message. Given that the service does not require an Internet connection, it reaches a broad public.  The same study concluded that 94% of people aged 16-65 use mobile technology, a figure that expands the target audience for marketing campaigns.  With our help, organizations can use yield analysis methodology to focus their resources on their most valuable clients and generate greater long-term profits.


Identidad Technologies is aware of these trends in consumer behavior, and our premium service portfolio guarantees receipt of messages no later than a few seconds after they are sent.  Companies can use this time to welcome new clients or send special offers that make them feel like valuable customers.  Creating a personal link to users helps ensure their loyalty when it comes to choosing a brand.


A company’s users are the focus of its cost-benefit investment when entering different sectors, which is why Identidad Technologies offers its clients the right SMS service to suit their needs.  Our broad and reinforced network allows us to deliver solutions that meet these needs while opening the possibility of reaching a globalized world.