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High Levels Of IT and Networks Security

By December 31, 2020News
IT and network security

Organizations need network services with high levels of security.

December 31st, 2020.

By: Nicolas Ricaurte.

Nowadays, technology is an essential part of everyday life for people and especially for organizations. Likewise, the internet has become one of the most popular spaces for criminal attacks today. For this reason, our partners and their clients are in real need of networks with the highest levels of security, infrastructure, and information.

Some of the most common Network and IT risks that organizations are exposed to are: Denial of service attack, DNS spoofing, Man-in-the-middle attack, ARP Spoofing, VLAN bypass attack, Smurf attack, Buffer overflow, Mound overflow, SQL injection, Phishing, Cross-site scripting, CSRF, Computer attack to name a few. Given the variety of security threats organizations are exposed to, it is essential for all of them to have partners and providers that have good practices on network security and who can help them secure their infrastructure against these attacks.

At Identidad Technologies, we are committed to working on solutions that minimize potential security threats to our partners in all of our business units. We have created an Antifraud monitoring system, which works proactively in blocking fraudulent calls and SMS’s, blocks spam traffic, and controls and minimizes phishing attacks that might go through our network.  Additionally, Network Solutions has the anti DDoS system that protects the optimal performance of infrastructures and systems, and with services measured in minutes, we detect, shield, and mitigate all the attempted attacks or malicious traffic with 24/7 monitoring.

At Identidad Technologies we care about our partners’ IT security, we work to avoid the risk as much as possible. Their future is our commitment.