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Home Office: with or without Covid – 19

By August 20, 2020News

Changes in organizational culture in the world.

August 20th, 2020.

By: Nicolas Ricaurte.

Some companies in the world are adopting the home office permanently, even when the pandemic is over.

According to Gallup, since March 2020, the amount of people working from home has grown in a 62% only in the Americas, It because of the pandemic. However, companies as Twitter, The New York Times, Facebook, Square, and some others have found in this new normality a way to optimize resources, protect their people and have better productivity with their employees working from home. Consequently, they want to keep this way of work.

In this difficult time, because of Covid-19, companies have found a way to not put productivity at risk and protect their employees of infection, if everybody is working from home the risk of contagion will be less. But also, these companies have noticed more productivity in their employees, better use of time, and saving money for them and for their workers.

In the same way, workers do not spend money on transportation, they save time that they used to waste on traffic and even on their personal finances because in big cities to live in the city center is more expensive than live in suburbs. With this, people can live wherever they want and attend to their work with quality and compromise without leaving home.

For this reason, services related to internet networks, Data, and other telecommunication tools, nowadays, are very important to keep these good business practices with quality, efficiency, safety, and trust.

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