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As part of their 20th anniversary, Identidad Technologies launches Fundacion Identidad

To commemorate their 20th year anniversary Identidad Technologies is launching an exciting and dear-to-heart project, the Identidad Foundation. This initiative hopes to channel funds to long-standing organizations that contribute to create a better world by providing opportunities to children and families in Central and South America.

The idea of creating an initiative that could give back to society has always been in Gabriel Sanchez´s mind, but it started to take form over 2 years ago, when by chance he was introduced to the Mano Amiga organization in Zipaquira, Colombia. He went on-site and got the opportunity to see for himself the great job that this organization does with children of low-income households, whose possibility to attend school becomes threatened by their family’s financial situation. He took it upon himself to get Identidad Technologies, company where he is currently Executive Chairman & Managing Partner, involved.

From 2019 to date, Identidad Technologies is sponsoring 10 children and has helped channel funds from employees who also want to take part in this cause; because of this, today, over 20 children are attending school and have their educational needs met. Due to the initiative’s success, Identidad Technologies decided to make it official by creating the Fundacion Identidad as part of their commemorative celebration in 2021. This initiative will place their efforts to raise and channel funds in order to help other organizations like Mano Amiga, whose hard work and experience are making actual change in the Central and South American territories.

They are inviting friends, colleagues and family to join in; for this they have created a web page ( where both companies and people can lend their financial and in-kind donations. For now, they are hoping to sponsor more children from the Mano Amiga organization, but when other funds start to come in, they hope to expand their portfolio to other organizations that are creating impact in other communities throughout the continent.

If you want to learn more about this initiative or are ready to join this cause you can contact Maria Paulina, the organizations director at: On the other hand, if you have an organization that needs funding and is currently working in Central or South America, you can contact the organization to the same email, as Fundación Identidad is also looking for causes to support.

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