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Fundación Identidad

Together we can create a world
of equal opportunities


Fundación Identidad

Join us in sponsoring children from
Mano Amiga Organization in Zipaquira, Colombia.


Fundación Identidad

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Join us in fully sponsoring 1 child’s education in Colombia for 1 year!



As part of our 20th anniversary celebration, we are proud to present the Fundación Identidad!

An initiative that supports organizations that lead social programs that create equal opportunities for children around the world.


We are fond believers that diminishing the social inequality gap is the beginning of transformative processes that can dramatically change the lives of people and communities.

That is why, to commemorate two decades of hard work, we decided to take the step we´ve always wanted to take, and support organizations that work on on-site locations helping people and communities with insufficient resources become empowered, so that they can build their lives based on their dreams-aspirations and not their necessities.


Fundación Identidad curates and channels funds to long-standing organizations that create compelling impact on their communities by tackling issues that help narrow the inequality gap in Central and South America.

We believe this is possible if we invest in initiatives that dive into issues in the short, medium and long term in the following fronts:


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Of the 20 most economically unequal countries in the world, 8 are in Latin America, making it the most unequal region in the world.


Three-quarters of Latin Americans are low or lower-middle income, and only 3% of Latin Americans are classified as high income.


30% of the region lives beneath the poverty line.


60% of Latin Americans are employed in the informal sector, many without access to employment benefits or guarantees.

Source: published April 6, 2020


The Mano Amiga Zipaquira organization opened their doors in 2011 in Zipaquira, Colombia. From the start they have focused on children ages 5-17 and their access to education. They started with 24 children and the construction of 6 class rooms, but as 2021 hits the mark on their 10th year anniversary, they are proud to say they have grown to sponsor over 340 children and helped build 18 classrooms. Mano Amiga has focused their efforts in tackling the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals number 2 and 4: Zero Hunger and Quality Education.

Mano Amiga works in a community where approximately 4,777 children are between the ages of 5 to 17, of these children 813 are estimated to be outside the school system for diverse reasons. Mano Amiga works with roughly 40% of this population.

From 2019 to date, Fundacion Identidad has supported this cause through the “Misionales” scholarships, and sponsorship plans and has created an estimated impact on the lives of over 24 students and over 90 indirect beneficiaries. The help we provide to Mano Amiga supports students from the beginning of their school days (age 5) and follows through to the end of their school years (age 16-17), therefore guaranteeing long lasting impact on the community.

We would love to continue to backup this cause and would be delighted to sum personal and other company efforts in doing so, if you are interested, don’t hesitate to contact us at: so we can find a convenient way of collaborating.

The people at Identidad Technologies and Fundacion Identidad work together when other causes hit close to home and people in their communities need additional support. These are some examples:


Miss Rita’s house

At the beginning of 2021, The Mano Amiga organization reached out to Identidad Technologies because one of the children sponsored by the company was taken to a temporary home. The Child Protection Agency, encharged of this decision, concluded that the house where the children lived was inadequate. Miss Rita, the children’s grandmother, and house owner, was making sure the children would have a proper upbringing , but due to insufficient funds hadn’t been able to properly repair the house. The call came in as the children where taken away and Fundación Identidad jumped in to donate the construction materials necessary to repair the house. In a matter of months, the house was rebuild, the children had returned and the family’s living conditions had significantly improved.



The people at Identidad Technologies heard about a young girl who was recently diagnosed with cancer. Her mother was working as a manicurist, and although she had insurance that would cover chemotherapy, she was unable to cover many of the other cost that come along with these types of illnesses. Everyone at Identidad jumped in: a manicure day was set in order to help the family get some money to cover additional expenses and funds were raised to help with a healthy meal plan for the 5 year old. The extra money was used for comfortable transportation to and from her chemotherapy sessions.



Fundación Identidad is looking for long-standing organizations that are searching for additional funding. If you work in Central and South America, and would like for us to get to know your project please get in touch.




We are recruiting like minded companies and individuals who want to join forces in creating a better world with monetary or in-kind donations.

Reach out if you want to take part in supporting these causes!