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Interaction, the new rule of commercial communication

By June 4, 2020News

It is often said that companies and business that do not communicate
effectively are in risk of stopping their growth, or growing less than their
competition. We live in a world that requires interactivity, where customers are
looking to find their answers, anytime and anywhere.
Yellow Push has been helping companies and organizations to communicate
efficiently and directly through SMS. It is now evolving to provide new forms
of communication, allowing customers to interact and feel a superior level of
service, contributing to business’s growth.

Interaction, the new rule of commercial communication

Yellow Push has incorporated new communication channels and evolved the way SMS has been used. Below we show an example of how it works:

1. Your customer receives a call.

2. Through an SMS, a link is sent, which will leads to a web service that will allow the customer to continue the call in a visual and interactive way.

3. Once the link is clicked, the customer will be lead to an interactive menu which allows data to be updated, check balances or register a complaint or claim.

Additionally, Yellow Push:

1. Supports programming languages such as .Net, node.JS, Python and Java, which facilitates our platform’s integration with customer’s systems.

2. Enables chatbots on social networks such as Facebook, in order to respond immediately to customer’s inquiries and even make suggestions.

3. Allows the customization of the platform, adding corporate colors, logo and company’s information.