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More digital than ever

By December 16, 2020News
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Everybody safe and connected from everywhere.

December 16th, 2020.

By: Nicolas Ricaurte.

Since March of 2020, people and technology have had to live together more than in other ages.

Some people think or wish that after COVID-19, the world will be exactly how it used to be. Nevertheless, not everything has been negative in these months. In other words, the pandemic has been a boost to rethink ideas for new normality, advance forwards, and even find new ways to live and to work, a step in the direction of a digital world and according to the current human needs.

Identidad Technologies has focused on responding to the nowadays situation and showing that it is a company at the forefront of needs with new products as PREVENTIC.CO, a digital screening solution, the unique tool in the market with comfortable and fully customizable surveys to prevent the risk of contagion by COVID-19.

Similarly, our company is working in a new business unit, Network Solutions, a service that wants to connect you and your business with the world, with your partners and your employees with steady and fast connectivity, security, professional services, and co-ubication.

You, your employees, and your people cannot stay out of this new way of life, all of them must be protected and your business connected with the world. With quality, efficiency, and effectiveness, Identidad Technologies provides you with products and services to boost your business in this challenging time.

Technology is the next step; know the solutions and technologies that will remain after the pandemic, and we take care of helping you take that safe step toward digitization.

Your future is our commitment.

Do you want to know how to keep your employees and yourself safe from the risk of contagion?

Do you want to be connected with your employees, partners, and the world?