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Capacity & Connectivity

What is Network Solutions?

Network Solutions connects our clients with their clients and the world with constant innovation; in a fast, effective, competitive, and versatile way.

Neutrality, knowledge of the region, experience, and quality of service identifies and characterizes us to provide the best cable and business internet for customers with a safe service that satisfies the industry’s needs and helps companies achieve their clients’ biggest challenges.

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Connectivity with security


Internet and cable access at different delivery points. Point to point connection with quality, with high-capacity circuits and solutions according to each client’s needs, makes it easier to fulfill their objectives.

Cloud connectivity services


With the system anti-DDoS, we protect and ensure the optimal performance of infrastructures and systems. With services measured in minutes, we detect, shield, and mitigate all the attempted attacks or malicious traffic with 24/7 monitoring.

Consultant professional service

Professional Services

Identidad Technologies is not only the best network solutions provider of products of systems and infrastructure, but we are also a consultant; we help our clients, large, medium, and small, to achieve the most significant challenges.

We want to identify how to help and understand the needs of their clients, the industry, and how our services and technology can help transform their operations to achieve better business and competitive results.

Infrastructure co ubication


Cloud solutions and infrastructures for small and big businesses. Colocation service consists of a secure rack space facility with access to a temperature-controlled environment, redundant true-online power systems, and technical support on a 24X7 basis.

ISP Remote Access Equipment available, providing efficient and secure managed housing in strategic locations for their equipment. Our partner’s data centers contribute to satisfying our customers’ needs, intending to expand our value-added offer.

Our Global Presence

Our Metrics

24/7 monitoring service

24/7 Monitoring

· SLA, Monthly availability and Lead Time commitment

· Better quality of service

mbps speed rate

Speed Rate

From 100 Mbps up to 100 Gps port interface

expertise and wholesale experience

+ 20 years experience

Deep expertise and wholesale experience

Comprehensive tailored solutions

Flexible Solutions

Comprehensive tailored solutions one provider

Stand Out Features

network neutrality innovation


In Identidad Technologies, our clients’ needs have been entirely satisfying for more than 19 years worldwide, offering a compromise, quality, and developing innovation in customer experience.

quality on efficient carrier


The experience of more than 19 years in telecommunications, our knowledge about the region, and the transparency and clarity with our clients endorse us as an efficient carrier that fulfills the planned goals.


transversality with business units


We are fully committed to our partners. With excellent knowledge in the industry, we have professionals with objectives aligned with our allies’ needs. Networks solutions have the support of our other business units to provide a full and versatile service.

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