International Termination

Our Service

At Identidad Technologies we offer international voice termination services that exceed the highest quality demands in the industry, offering constant support transparency and security. We provide direct termination, CLI delivery and anti-fraud protection.

With state-of-the-art technology, we can reduce and eliminate FAS routes within the network, exceeding average quality benchmarks in the industry. We have gained the trust of our partners and customers by providing transparent solutions, monitoring and fraud control.

Key features

 Identidad Anti-Fraud system

What are the advantages of our Anti-Fraud system?

Quality is a fundamental value at Identidad Technologies. As part of our commitment to quality, we developed an anti-fraud system to help our clients minimize profit losses. We were one of the first carriers to offer an anti-fraud service with no additional charge, putting our customers’ needs first.

Our system monitors traffic in real time and identifies unusual patterns or suspicious calls.  It is designed to reduce fraudulent traffic in the network and our algorithms are constantly evolving to ensure an optimal service.

Key components of our system

  • CDR and call log collector
  • Intelligent system
  • Numbering database
  • Alarm system

How does our system work?

  • 1. Extracts active calls in real time and last minute CDR’s.
  • 2. Analyzes data via algorithms to detect potential fraudulent calls.
  • 3. Generates a list of all numbers detected in Step 2.
  • 4. Validates false positive calls against white list.
  • 5. Cross references with opt in customers database and parameters.
  • 6. Generates actions based on customer requirements.
  • 7. Sends alerts notifying detected fraudulent calls.
  • 8. Populates blacklist with detected fraudulent calls.

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