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By November 9, 2020News
new normality protocol

The best practices begin at home.

November 9th, 2020.

By: Nicolas Ricaurte.

At Identidad Technologies, we are using PREVENTIC to monitor the health and wellness of our work teams. Our people feel protected; they are PREVENTIC.

Some weeks ago, PREVENTIC was implemented in our offices in Miami and Bogotá. Bibiana Contreras, our HR manager, states that: “PREVENTIC is a dynamic and easy to use tool that makes it easier to get the information needed immediately. Not only to comply with the biosafety rules but also to apply our philosophy of care to the wellness of our people”.

PREVENTIC has not only been a platform that provides us with information about the health of our employees, but it is also a tool for the future. It can apport to an effective communication in the company. PREVENTIC is customizable and versatile; after the pandemic, it could be used to set up questions that provide us with another type of information thinking in workers’ wellness.

Luisa Sanchez (VP of SMS and Communications Solution) and Andrés Sanchez (CEO Identidad Technologies) claim that the return over investment and the economic advantage of having a tool as PREVENTIC is being shown immediately and will be reflected in the medium and long term.

Thanks to PREVENTIC, people are at their maximum productivity percentage avoiding the risk of disease transmission and avoiding business losses that can destabilize the company.

Similarly, for Identidad Technologies, each person’s comprehensive care is the most important thing. For this reason, Luisa says that returning to the offices contributes to employee’s mood and psychological well-being. This is only one of the reasons why PREVENTIC is the best partner.

Everyone, at different levels in our company, is being benefited by PREVENTIC.

Day by day, our people are feeling more interested in PREVENTIC, they are safe because of PREVENTIC, they are PREVENTIC.