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Its no exaggeration to say that a company that doesn’t communicate may as well not exist. At the very least, it wont grow. Whether a small business or a multinational, a simple pizzeria or a chain of international restaurants, staying in touch with clients is key.

Communicating not only lets consumers get to know a company, it also helps establish brand loyalty and encourages existing customers to make further purchases. In turn, it enables companies to thank customers for trusting their products and services, or find out when a customer is not satisfied  and correct the problem in time.
Definitely, communication is key for any type of business. But we live in an era when communications are ever more immediate and personalized.

What we do ? 

Yellow Push combines technologies, from the ubiquitous SMS to chatbots and artificial intelligence, so that the technical complexities of modern communications are no obstacle to allowing companies to grow their business and communicate with clients simply and effectively.For example, through a combination of technologies we can help a restaurant automate its reservations process instead of keeping track of tables by hand. We can simplify the process. And once a parties table is ready, the same technology can generate a phone call or text message to inform diners that they can now be seated.

Our goal is to simplify processes at companies and organizations that are applicable to most industries. Facilitating internal and external communications and business processes is the capability that distinguishes Yellow Push. What began as a simple SMS messaging system has evolved to incorporate different channels of communication.
Our new technological platform allows us to create solutions and adapt workflows and processes with optimum flexibility. For example, users can get a message by SMS with a link to a webpage where they can carry out an operation, such as checking their balance, and then receive a phone call, automated or not, to answer any questions they might have  all within a single platform that adapts to a clients preferred method of work and communication.
Flexibility, speed of implementation, and the ability to adapt to specific client needs are what make Yellow Push the right tool for todays businesses.