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Yellow Push: The Nirvana of Developers

By March 13, 2019News

Today’s companies are eager to reinvent themselves on various fronts. The digital era demands innovation and technology, but it is important for all companies, no matter their size or type, to remain close to their clients. In the current market, communications can make all the difference, making the customer relationship more direct and personalized every day.

Our platform offers the versatility necessary to evaluate the behavior of different elements in this flow of communication and their influence on the factors that, at the end of day, generate an impact on the end client and markets.

Yellow Push makes it possible to review how source codes perform in real time, facilitating communications solutions and eliminating one of the main headaches for developers: the algorithm.

In addition to its ease of use, our platform has a robust infrastructure that gives you everything you need to create solutions, allowing you to spend less time and resources on technical tasks and more on your core business, while generating more efficient costs. In this sense, facilitating both internal and external communications is the key to differentiation, and it’s what sets us apart.

The combination of technologies we employ, from the ubiquitous SMS to chatbots and artificial intelligence, allows businesses to adapt to the demands of the digital era. We invite developers to discover the service we offer via Yellow Push and its “Do it yourself” features for creating immediate communications solutions. The benefits of the platform make it possible to create different types of applications. What began with a simple messaging system, therefore, has evolved to make use of a wide variety of channels.

With “Drag and Drop,” we aim to make our platform a place where users without their own infrastructure or programming expertise can create flexible solutions themselves. The versatility and variety of features for managing the programs and the flows they create are among the benefits offered by omnichannel

Developers who use our platform are never alone; we provide training and assistance for learning about its uses and the services it offers. Flexibility, speed, personalization and adaptation are just some of the advantages Yellow Push offers the companies of today as they look toward the future.