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Yellow Push, the Platform for Strengthening Customer Relations

By June 7, 2018News

Companies looking to forge long-term relationships with consumers are projected to make significant investments in customer service in the coming years.

Identidad Telecom is celebrating the recent launch of Yellow Push, a new communications platform with limitless potential for putting companies in touch with their customers simply and effectively.

Yellow Push is an example of Identidad Telecom’s mission to use simple technology to create innovate solutions in the markets where we operate.  The new platform responds to demand for applied customer service technology from companies in a variety of sectors, including retail, banking and education.

Yellow Push offers A2P (Application-to-Person) messaging services that can be incorporated into marketing and customer service campaigns, as well as used for security, verification and authentication purposes.  The technology can be integrated into communication systems such as Chatbots, Whatsapp, IoT, voice services, and customer relationship management platforms, allowing brands to communicate with their customers via the channel they prefer.

Yellow Push also gives companies the ability to send messages to inquire about customers’ questions or demands and gives them more options to respond, either via the same channel or through a phone call that connects them directly to a call center.  They can also follow up with non-responsive customers to find out if they experienced a communications problem during the messaging process.

With platforms like Yellow Push, Identidad Telecom is helping our clients run proactive marketing campaigns, creating customer service programs oriented not only toward offering good experiences with their products or services but also toward building consumer trust and positive brand perception.

Increasingly, companies and organizations are adopting a more proactive and innovative approach to meet consumer expectations and instant-messaging systems such as Yellow Push can help them reach their business goals.

At Identidad Telecom, we believe that today more than ever companies should take advantage of the potential offered by technology to transform their customer service experiences and generate long-term client relationships.   To do this, they will need to develop effective channels to solve their users’ problems.

We invite you to learn more at: Yellow Push web page.