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For over 8 years we’ve been investigating and sharpening our craft in the SMS market, that is why we offer top-of-the-line SMS consultive and personalized solutions that provide our partners with technology to communicate more effectively and directly with their customers.

Direct worldwide connectivity and real-time systems to send transactional messages, promotional campaigns, and two-way messaging.

PaaS (Platform as a Service) with comprehensive tools for all enterprise demands.

In-house technology department evaluates company-specific needs to create tailor-made solutions.

Consultive service that offers advice and know-how on 208 territories worldwide and up to date information of country regulations.

22 regional exclusivities in LATAM and The Caribbean.

Awards and

Capacity Best SMS/A2P
Provider Americas 2018

Capacity Best SMS/A2P
Provider Americas 2019



Different protocols: SMPP, HTTP and API

Regulatory compliance for world-wide markets

Regulatory compliance for world-wide markets

Client portal for centralized campaign management

Scalability and capacity

Scalability and capacity

Real-time monitoring and reports



Trailblazing Technology Integrated to Our Solutions

All our SMS solutions are enhanced by our in-house top-of-the-line technological developments that are exclusively integrated into all our products/services. 20+ years of investment in R&D has allowed us to devise a comprehensive plan that seeks to heighten each component of the SMS processes in order to offer our clients unparallel solutions in this field.

Through in-depth investigation we have incorporated into our solutions anti-spam filters, conversion rate improvements, brand management, high-volume traffic management, scalability, fast deliverability for transactional traffic, automated and in-country testing tools, among many others.

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