Joint Announcement: The Identidad Technologies family of companies is Pleased to Announce the Acquisition of SwitchRay, a 46 Labs business unit, to Advance Capabilities And Market Presence

Identidad Technologies’ expertise in the telecommunications industry will facilitate the growth of the already expansive network of SwitchRay and look to take this infrastructure to the next level.

Miami, FL – March 12, 2024 – Identidad, a premier telecommunications group of companies known for its strategic and industry-disrupting approach, in pursuit of world-class innovation, has announced the successful acquisition of SwitchRay, also known as Mera Systems, a global telecom leader that has developed comprehensive VoIP softswitch solutions, from 46 Labs. The acquisition became official on March 8, 2024, and all changes are effective as of March 12, 2024. Identidad has more than 20 years’ of experience creating innovative and successful technological solutions for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Short Message Service Application-to-Person (SMS A2P), Numbering Services, including Direct inward Dialing (DIDs), among other services, Managed Services, Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions and other offerings.


46 Labs is a global leader in connectivity management for large enterprises and service providers. It has managed the SwitchRay business unit for the past 8 years.


Identidad is confident that, as a current user of SwitchRay’s softswitch infrastructure, combined with their pre-existing knowledge and resources, it will be able to add a heightened level of expertise to make advances to the infrastructure while offering increased support to its customers. Identidad is excited to utilize the newly acquired software to develop and expand its footprint in Managed Services, globally.


“At Identidad, we look forward to adding SwitchRay’s software into our already extensive telecommunications infrastructure, as we have first-hand knowledge of the incredibly advanced and critical systems this fantastic company has to offer,” said the CEO of Identidad Technologies, Andrés Sánchez. “The future of telecommunications is bright, and we are thrilled to welcome the talented employees of SwitchRay into our Identidad family, where they will be treated with care, and poised for growth in their careers. We are a company committed to integrity and innovation and we believe that by forming our new subsidiary, NexaSwitch, we will provide the necessary separation to ensure a future of success for all in the telecommunications industry.”


With respect to SwithRay’s customers, Identidad is committed to protecting their privacy and security, while improving support. For this, they have formed a new subsidiary in the Identidad family of companies, NexaSwitch Global, LLC, through which they will manage the SwitchRay platform. Despite the common ownership, NexaSwitch will be functioning on entirely independent servers with an ethical screen in place to ensure complete discretion of all current and future user information, as well as customer pricing protection.


“I have full confidence in transferring the SwitchRay technology to Mr. Sanchez and the team at Identidad Technologies,” said Trevor Francis, CEO of 46 Labs, LLC. “Identidad is known for its transparency and innovation, and I look forward to watching the evolution of this product under Mr. Sanchez’s guidance.”


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About Identidad


Established in 2001 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, Identidad is a dynamic group of companies known for its innovation and extensive solutions in the telecommunications industry, with a primary focus and specialty in the Caribbean and LATAM region. With over 20 years of experience, Identidad excels in providing top-of-the-line Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Short Message Service Application-to-Person (SMS A2P), Numbering Services, including Direct inward Dialing (DIDs), Managed Services, Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions, among a myriad of other offerings that generate revenue and enhance efficiency for service providers. Identidad’s pioneering approach and deep industry knowledge have established them as a prominent figure in the telecommunications space, offering personalized and consultative solutions across the entire chain. Identidad has two office locations – one in Miami, Florida, and the other in Bogota, Colombia with over 70 employees across 4 continents worldwide.


About 46 Labs


46 Labs provides global enterprises and service providers with the technology they need to solve their most complex connectivity challenges. The 46 Labs PeerEdge® orchestration platform delivers the only vendor- and carrier-neutral telecommunications software solution, providing IT leaders the ability to directly manage and monitor all their voice and data traffic and delivering the single source of truth for all their global connectivity. Industry innovators in healthcare, telecom, finance, manufacturing, education, and government rely on 46 Labs to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. Learn more at


46 Labs was represented by: Laura Fodor and Theresa Mehringer of Burns, Figa & Will


Identidad was represented by: Davide Proietti and David Marko of Marko & Magolnick, P.A.


Media Contact

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Identidad Technologies

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Angela Stanley

46 Labs LLC

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Identidad Technologies’ Q&A

Q: What is happening today?


A: We are thrilled to finally share the news with you that Identidad has completed the acquisition of SwitchRay, also known as Mera Systems, from 46 Labs, LLC. The addition of SwitchRay’s offerings to our growing global portfolio is an exciting new opportunity to further enhance our service offerings worldwide.


Q: When is this effective?


A: The acquisition of SwitchRay and our new umbrella structure was officially established on March 8, 2024, and all changes are effective as of March 12, 2024.


Q: Tell me more about the acquisition.


A: To uphold our ethical standards as well as the necessary legal regulations regarding the acquisition, we have implemented a new umbrella structure with Identidad’s affiliate NexaSwitch Global, LLC as the entity created to serve as the new owner and support system for SwitchRay.


Identidad Technologies remains a separate entity and none of our employees will have access to any sensitive or competitive information owned by SwitchRay at any time.


Q: Who owns SwitchRay now?


A: Effective March 8, 2024 SwitchRay is fully owned by NexaSwitch Global, LLC a newly formed subsidiary of Identidad Technologies. NexaSwitch is the sole owner and support system for all SwitchRay technology.


Q: Why is there a new entity?


A: Identidad Technologies is known globally for its transparency, quality solutions and open, honest communication with its customers and business partners. We take our reputation seriously and value the trust placed in us to provide exceptional services worldwide. This is why we are following the legal requirements associated with this acquisition to ensure that all operations are separate and that all sensitive and proprietary information remains behind an ethical screen. NexaSwitch is the sole owner and support system for all SwitchRay technology.


We wanted to ensure that legally, ethically, and optically – all vendor and customer parties as well as partner entities felt safe and secure and were able to put their full trust in Identidad Technologies during this acquisition transition.


Q: Why acquire SwitchRay from 46 Labs, LLC?


A: SwitchRay’s addition to the Identidad Technologies portfolio will allow us to continue to create unparalleled world-class solutions, including a new level of telecommunications services and security enhancements worldwide.


Q: How will this affect my business with Identidad Technologies?


A: You should not experience any tangible difference in our business relationship. SwitchRay will remain a separate entity from Identidad Technologies. You can expect the same level of efficiency and attention to your business needs.


If anything, the acquisition simply poises Identidad Technologies to operate more swiftly, efficiently, and provide enhanced service to an expanded service area – for the benefit of our loyal and valued customer base, like yourself.


Q: Will anything about my contract agreement be amended this year or in the coming years as a result of the acquisition?


A: No – your contract will remain legally binding through the timeline, terms and conditions previously agreed upon. As always, Identidad Technologies, along with the newly formed NexaSwitch, will continue to review and consider contract adjustments upon renewal, based on ongoing and routine business decisions, if needed.


Q: Will Identidad Technologies have access to any sensitive information or trade secrets owned by SwitchRay?


A: We value the trust you put in us to handle your business and information with the sensitivity and care you expect. I want to assure you that Identidad Technologies has worked closely with NexaSwitch to ensure that all operations are separate and that all sensitive and proprietary information remains behind an ethical screen.


Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions or concerns?


A: We are always available to discuss your questions or concerns. Please contact Santiago Sánchez, Vice President of Operations at for more information.