About Us

Identidad Technologies is a constantly evolving technological platform that utilizes its own in-house developments to create state-of-the-art products/services for communications needs across all industries on the wholesale, enterprise, and retail scale.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Shape the future of organizations by becoming their preferred partner for all their communications and technology needs.

Our Mission

  • Constantly evolve and create technologies that allow us to optimize our efficiency, products and services.
  • Actively pursue opportunities to grow our portfolio offerings and expand into other markets.
  • Place people at the heart of what we do: the well-being and empowerment of our stakeholders is what drives us.
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Digital Transformation

Our Values

  • Be and act as a family
  • Lead by example with transparency and integrity
  • Strive for quality in everything that we do
  • Be fiscally responsible with our stakeholders
  • Embrace and drive change and flexibility
  • Be passionate about what we do
  • Put our customers at the heart of everything
  • Pursue innovation and growth

Our History


Executive Chairman technologies

Gabriel Sánchez

Executive Chairman & Managing Partner

Gabriel Sánchez is the executive chairman and managing partner of Identidad Technologies. He did his business administration in Escuela de Administración de Negocios (Bogotá) and upper management in the Universidad de Los Andes of Bogotá. Gabriel is an endless source of knowledge with over 40 years’ experience in administration, finance, accounting management, and financial analysis. Under his leadership, Identidad Technologies has risen to international acclaim in the telecom industry. When he was younger Gabriel golfed played tennis, swam, and mastered his water-skiing technique. Today, he’s a dedicated runner and globe-trotter, giving any of his free time to his daily walks and travel around the word.

CEO Technology

Andrés Sánchez

CEO & Managing Partner

Andrés Sánchez is the CEO and managing partner of Identidad Technologies. He is Identidad Technologies’ seasoned tech enthusiast, a more than-20-year telecom powerhouse who found success in both a robust global economy and in challenging recession years. He always keeps a finger on the pulse of tech trends and an ear to the ground for technological change. As a result, Andres is a fountainhead of tech knowledge, continually hunting for opportunities to grow Identidad Technologies in new directions. He loves to teach others, making even the most complicated tech jargon into accessible information for all, a quality that makes him an irreplaceable and loved figure among colleagues. Without his charisma, passion, and expertise, Identidad Technologies would not be the company it is today. Even Harvard Business School’s prestigious and rigorous Owner/President Management Program accepted Andres into its ranks. In his free time, Andres dedicates himself to his family. He is an avid motorsports fan that enjoys watching everything from NASCAR to Indy to Formula 1 races, occasionally racing his car in the Florida racetracks.

Business development Technology

María Paulina Sánchez

Vice President of Business Development & Cofounder.  Fundación Identidad’s Director.

María Paulina Sánchez is the cofounder and vice president of Business Development at Identidad Technologies. She has a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing Management from the Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano. María is the founder and creator of Identidad Technologies’ commercial Voice department and has a 20+ year career in the telecommunications field. In 2013, TIWS recognized María’s compromise, effort, and passion for her work. Her guidance is an invaluable asset as Identidad Technologies prepares to unveil exciting new developments. Alongside her business acumen, Maria explores her recently discovered love for art and painting and works to maintain a pristine, sixteen-year Soccer Mom reputation. 

CFO Technology

James Merced

CFO & Cofounder

James Merced is the CFO and co-founder of Identidad Technologies. With a policy of due diligence and reliability, he embodies one of Identidad Technologies’ core values: fiscal responsibility. He ensures on-time payments to all stakeholders, maintains a structured cash flow, and guides a steady upwards trajectory of growth for the company. James’ dedication keeps Identidad Technologies’ financials running smoothly, and his responsible leadership drives a now internationally recognized department. Catch James hiking and diving when he isn’t in the office.

Business development voice

Juan Pablo Ángel

Vice President of Voice and Business Development

Juan Pablo Ángel is the vice president of Voice and business development at Identidad Technologies. He graduated from Boston University with a B.A. in economics and earned his M.B.A. from the University of Miami. Juan’s best work happens in a company’s innermost core, ripping the foundations of inefficient systems and building from the ground up. Juan is always developing new strategies for market penetration. The result is still bigger, better, and brighter than before; under his guidance, Identidad Technologies’ Voice business margins skyrocketed. Today, Juan leads exciting new business developments and a thriving Voice wholesale division. Outside of the office, Juan is a self-professed animal lover, mountain biker, and golfer.

Communications Solutions

Luisa Sánchez

Vice President of  SMS and Communication Solutions 

Luisa Sánchez is the vice president of SMS and Communication Solutions at Identidad Technologies. She has a double B.S. in Marketing and International Business from Florida International University and an M.S. in International Marketing from Hult International Business School (London). Luisa blossomed into a leader of a dynamic and award-winning team she built from the ground up, working her way up through the ranks until she was directing annual sales of over five million at Identidad Technologies. In 2018, she led the SMS business unit’s commercial and operational department when the company was recognized as “Best Application-to-Person SMS Carrier in the Americas.” Today, Luisa focuses on directing sales strategies for Identidad Technologies’ new retail products, Yellow Push and IoT. Outside of the office, Luisa is an amateur long-distance triathlete with a full Ironman and four half Ironman competitions under her belt. 

IT Operations

Santiago Sánchez

Vice President of Operations

Santiago Sánchez is the vice president of operations at Identidad Technologies. He has a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Florida International University and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Santiago is the master of Identidad Technologies’ moving parts, maintaining the company infrastructure. His skill stems from an eclectic background, ranging from Lean initiative implementation for aircraft services to user interface design. Today, Santiago brings precision and finesse to his role as vice president. When he isn’t in the office, Santiago enjoys training for the next triathlon or Ironman. 

Technology and development

Camilo Andrés García

Director of Technology & Development

Camilo Andrés García is the director of technology & development at Identidad Technologies. He earned a degree in systems engineering from Universidad Manuela Beltrán and has completed two certified courses: an Agile Software Development course and the M.I.T.- certified Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World course. In 2012, Universidad Manuela Beltrán certified Camilo as a “Professional Expert in Databases and Business Intelligence.” Camilo finds creative solutions to complicated technological problems in a rapidly changing landscape, showcased in his success in many different leadership roles, but especially in his current position as director of technology and development. His work is his life’s passion. He has a deep love of programming, technology and astronomy, particularly in physics discoveries and its ever-changing theoretical landscape.