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Let’s create a world of equal opportunities

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We believe that diminishing the social inequality gap is the beginning of transformative processes that can dramatically change the lives of people and communities. 

We support organizations that work on on-site locations helping communities with insufficient resources become empowered, so that they can build their lives based on their dreams-aspirations and not their necessities.



Fundación Identidad curates and channels funds to long-standing organizations that create compelling impact on their communities by tackling issues that help narrow the inequality gap in Central and South America.

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Access to quality food

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Access to safe drinking water & sanitation.

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Access to quality education.

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Promotion of gender equality.

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Access to good health and wellbeing.

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Causes We Support

Mano Amiga - Colombia

Mano Amiga provides children ages 5 to 17, from Zipaquirá, Colombia, with quality education. Their holistic educational program grants children the possibility to access emotional support, top-quality education and a well-rounded social environment where they can flourish. 


From 2019 to date, Fundación Identidad has supported this cause through the “Misionales” scholarships, and sponsorship plans and has created an estimated impact on the lives of over 29 students and over 90 indirect beneficiaries. The help we provide to Mano Amiga supports students from the beginning of their school days and follows through to the end of their school years, therefore guaranteeing long lasting impact on the community.

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We are recruiting like minded companies and individuals who want to join forces in creating a better world with monetary or in-kind donations. 


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