Reimagine customer engagement strategies with Yellow Push, our omnichannel platform.

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Yellow Push allows you to create and optimize your customer journey through different communication channels and tools to orchestrate interactions and processes between people and organizations.


SMS Retail (Bulk and automated SMS)

Manual campaign creation

Schedule Campaigns

API integration (automated SMS)

Contact segmentation


Online payments

Global reach

White Label Availability


Two-way SMS

Real time reports


Multi-channel, omnichannel and cross-channel communication flows.

Easily integrates with external systems: other communication channels with open API’s and customer’s systems.

Scalability: Send millions of messages in minutes.

Ready to use SMS platform that adapts to your business needs.

Global coverage and direct connections with operators world-wide.

Easy access to reports and statistics.

Support Resources:

►24/7 Quality Assurance
►Specialized engineer team to support account managers

Our Yellow Push Platform integrates all Identidad Technologies proprietary developments designed to  streamline operations and boost revenue for our partners. Our clients will have access to state-of-the-art implementations like anti-spam filters, conversion rate improvements, scalability, fast deliverability for transactional traffic, automated and in-country testing tools, among many others.

Identidad Technologies has 20+ years experience in R&D and all their developments are integrated into all our solutions to guarantee exceptional products and services for our clients.

Open your marketing strategy to a universe of possibilities.

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